The different loan offers

Thirty years have passed and Bank continues to be one of the leaders in the consumer credit market. Recognized in several sales establishments in France, Bank allows many customers to access major purchases, whether in the field of automotive, household appliances, furniture, etc. or simply to deal with difficult financial times.


Cofinoga credit Bank presents, like so many others, easily accessible consumer loan offers namely cash and personal loans.

From a maximum sum of € 5,500, Bank’s cash reserve represents for some the consumer credit at the best market rate. His personal card also makes payments in most stores in France, a process that has made the reputation of this leader in consumer lending for many years.

The personal loan from Bank also allows you to buy between € 4,500 and € 21,000 and can be reimbursed over a period of 1 to 7 years. However, a special car loan (car loan Bank ) allows to increase the amount up to 38000 €.


Bank Credit Redemption

The institution is also active in the area of ​​credit redemption by making available to its customers a loan worth 5500 to 75000 €.

The loan is to be repaid over an interval of 12 years and includes rates more interesting than those visible in the current market. A credit that consolidates all other current credits into a single credit.


Bank, a unique online credit

Bank is also visible on the net, offering first rate services. Indeed, each client can find on the site of the establishment all the information concerning them with a completely secure access.

Services that also allow newcomers to simulate a credit application , studied and processed in minutes. Bank’s advisors are equally attentive to each of its clients.