Personal loans – What you need to know

What is personal loan?

Do you want to travel, but your budget is insufficient to cover all expenses? Our comparator helps you to find a personal loan offer adapted to your project and will offer you a loan simulation according to your needs!

The personal loan is a financing for all types of projects that are important to you (purchase of property, studies, renovations, …). Its amount, according to the Lagarde law, is capped at 75,000 euros. The repayment term established is greater than or equal to three months. However, the total repayment of the personal loan does not exceed five years.

What are the characteristics of a personal loan?

Personal loan is generally granted by a recognized organization at the Banque de France. In addition, he must be part of the approved financial agents.

Our financial partners usually offer you two types of personal loans:

– the affected personal loan: the loan granted is intended for the exclusive financing of a property mentioned as mobile loan. In this case, proof of purchase of the property is required by the lender.

– the unassigned personal loan: it gives you the latitude to dispose of funds borrowed for various personal needs. In addition, you are not required to provide any proof of purchase of goods, a simple statement of your project is sufficient.

In addition, the personal loan is a fixed rate loan. This rate is determined on the basis of the total amount of funds borrowed, the duration of the loan and the rate of usury (maximum loan rate allowed) set by the Banque de France.

The formalities to be fulfilled for the granting of a personal loan

There are several items to be provided to the lending institution in order to meet the conditions for granting the personal loan. Being also subject to the provisions of the Consumer Code, the contract must include: the total amount of the loan, the duration of the loan, the annual percentage rate of charge (APR), the type of loan requested (affected or not), insurance and the required guarantees, etc.

Simulate your personal loan

Whatever the nature of your project, our comparator allows you to simulate your personal loan for free. All you need to do is fill in a form dedicated to the personal loan, by entering the type of project, the amount of the loan and the amount of the monthly payments desired. We then offer you the list of offers available on the market. From then on, you will be able to compare the reimbursement rates proposed by our financial partners.

Contract a loan or personal loan to finance your projects

For the purchase of a home appliance or car, use our online loan simulation tool! This allows you to know your monthly payments and the total cost of your loan, in just minutes.

Take advantage of the personal loan simulation tool to measure your repayment capabilities.

Characteristics of a personal loan

Do you want to renovate the interior of your apartment? The personal loan allows you to have a sum of money, more or less considerable, for the realization of your family or personal projects. Our comparator offers for this purpose all the necessary information on the mechanisms of this loan. For starters, it must be kept in mind that a personal loan may be affected or unaffected. If the first case requires proof of purchase, the second requires just a statement of your project.

The amount of a personal loan authorized under the Lagarde law is capped at 75,000 euros. The minimum repayment period is three months and the duration of the loan must not exceed five years. For repayment, each monthly payment will include a portion of the borrowed capital and interest.

The interest rate of the loan is fixed and it is defined in advance in the contract signed with the lender.

How to simulate your personal loan?

The procedure is simple and fast. All you need to do is fill in the personal loan form and fill in the nature of your project (car purchase, wedding, …), the maximum amount of loan desired and the duration (60 months maximum). Then indicate your email address, your personal details and complete the additional fields requested for each step. After the acceptance of your file by a financial partner, your loan will be transferred directly to your bank account. And to optimize your personal loan, consider buying insurance at the best rate.

Find a personal loan at the best rate offers you to compare a hundred offers of personal loans in a few minutes. Take advantage of our free tools to find a loan agency that offers monthly payments tailored to your income. All you need to do is enter your search criteria (specific project needs, your professional situation, your profile, etc.) in our comparator. The results will generate a list of offers from our financial partners whose proposals meet your search criteria.

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