Mini loans without payroll – interests and advantages

These are not very different from any loan, so it has its interests and its disadvantages.


In many cases when you need a low loan, but for certain circumstances you do not have payroll, is self-employed or retired, many private equity companies and lenders offer unpaid mini-loans with which you can get out of your financial emergencies as soon as possible.

Either to fix the car or buy some material to fix your home the mini-loans without payroll are a reality and the best of all is that they are legal.

What are miniloan without payroll?

When talking about miniloans without payroll we refer to a loan of low amount where it is not required that a payroll be presented as a source of income for the application of the mini-loan to be approved.

However, some private equity companies and lenders will ask you to have an alternative source of income that can cope with the reimbursement of the mini-loans without a requested payroll , so it is likely that you will have to guarantee some good or you will need to present some kind of alternative income: pension, self-employed, among others.

But this does not happen with all private equity companies or lenders, because if it is possible to get miniloan without payroll without presenting any guarantee to the institution.

Characteristics of mini-loans without payroll

The mini- loans without payroll are lesser loans that reach up to a limit of 600 euros, maybe a little more depending on the private equity company or lender, but if you are on the delinquent lists it is likely that they do not accept your request, this also It depends on the company or lender you go to.

Another characteristic is the fast transaction, usually between 10 and 20 minutes after completing the application process, it is worth noting that private equity companies and lenders will not ask you why you need the money, the process is very private .

Despite all these benefits, it also has its disadvantages, such as:

  • The money must be returned in 30 days, this condition can be chaotic if you do not have the resources to repay the loan .
  • They usually have very high and expensive fixed interest rates.
  • If you need an amount greater than 600 euros, you probably will not get it.

Even with these disadvantages, unpaid mini-loans are very popular among Spaniards because they offer an alternative service to traditional banking institutions.

Where do I get miniloanos without payroll?

Mini-loans without payroll can be obtained through web platforms of different companies and lenders who rely on the Internet to offer a totally private and comfortable service from home.

Many of these platforms work 24 hours a day, every day a week to solve your emergency when you need it most, but if it is bad with computers do not fear, many companies offer the same service via telephone 24 hours a day.

The process consists of filling out a form with your personal data such as: name, surname, ID, mail, and bank account to be acloaned. They will never ask for more information than necessary, when filling out and sending the form (in some cases they ask for documents to assure their identity) an email will be sent to them when the transaction is already made and they get their mini-loans without payroll.