Fast Loans Within 10 Minutes via SMS

If you want to borrow money urgently and can pay back within the month, this loan will be taken out quickly.

This loan can now easily be arranged with an SMS on your mobile phone. The costs are relatively high, but the mini-loan is quick and convenient for those who want to borrow a small amount immediately. The brand names fall under the part of the private company with limited liability, the best known provider of mini-loans.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is possible to circumvent these disadvantages and still quickly borrow money by means of a mini loan. For example Minilening, Voorschotje, Saldodipje and offer a mini-loan. Within ten minutes of an application, the money is available on the account and can therefore be freely issued. No interest is charged on a mini-loan, but closing it involves closing or administrative costs. In addition, the loan must be repaid within a relatively short time.

A mini loan from usually has to be repaid after 15 or 30 days. A mini-loan is therefore a good way to quickly absorb a balance dip and quickly have some extra money. The calculated administration costs are quite high, but on the other hand that is compensated for by the speed with which the money is provided and available.

Request mini loan

For the application of a mini-loan you need the following items. Your proof of identity, proof of income such as a payslip and an overview of your bank that includes your name, address and bank account number. By simply emailing or faxing them after you have registered online via the financier’s website, you have actually completed the entire process. The only thing left is sending a text message with the request to pay the loan. This is immediately put in order so you have money in your account within 10 minutes.