Should we necessarily simulate a car loan before committing?

The auto credit simulation is comparable to any consumer credit simulation. This is why in terms of car credit, it is good to reason in TEG (Global Effective Rate) which includes ancillary costs (insurance, and fees).  This is the TAEG rate to use for any comparison so as not to have any disillusion. In addition, […]

Pay off your loan in case of unemployment

To reassure the borrower, most banks, assisted by insurance companies, offer different services "unemployment insurance". The formulas, varied, can range from simple suspension of refunds without additional interest, up to the assumption of 100% monthly payments, or even more in some cases, for rates ranging between 0.15 and 0.60% of the total amount borrowed. How […]

Corporate Credit: The Professional Loan in Detail

Starting a business is expensive. It requires means, if only the local where the activity will take place. Banks here have their role to play, allowing to make a business credit and thus funding the investment.   When you start an activity, or you simply want to increase the production capacity of your already existing […]

Subscribe to a personal loan online at the best rate

Before subscribing to a personal loan, it is important to answer a few questions: how much? For what purpose? What about repayment capacity? What are the alternatives ? Each of the answers will make sure you are not mistaken about the choice of the loan to subscribe and especially to avoid the cases of over-indebtedness. […]

The different loan offers

Thirty years have passed and Bank continues to be one of the leaders in the consumer credit market. Recognized in several sales establishments in France, Bank allows many customers to access major purchases, whether in the field of automotive, household appliances, furniture, etc. or simply to deal with difficult financial times.   Bank presents, like […]

To know before subscribing to a mortgage loan

  In recent months, mortgage rates are relatively low and this situation pushes many households to consider subscribing to this type of credit. However, there are some details that consumers need to consider before embarking on a credit. Here are some tips to help you choose your mortgage.   1. Analyze your financial abilities and […]

Buying real estate 2016: take advantage of the loan at zero rate

If 2015 has been a fairly positive year for the real estate market, 2016 will be a good year as well, according to observers. Most financial support is maintained, extended and even relaxed in terms of their conditions of grant. Devices that will, of course, lower the cost of real estate purchase, especially for first-time […]

What conditions for the renegotiation of mortgage loan?

Before renegotiating your mortgage with your banker, it is essential to make sure that you know your contract in great detail. This will allow you to make good decisions. With their expertise, professional brokers can offer you customized services to make your project a success.   The borrowers can renegotiate this year their home loan, […]

Beirut real estate revived by real estate loan

The real estate sector in Beirut is currently struggling to move forward, everything is slow. Whether supply or demand, both are subject to a certain alarming inertia. Buying a mortgage could be a financing solution that will revive real estate activities.   A home loan to buy a home It is not the offer for […]

The services of a loan broker for more savings

In recent years, the use of a loan broker is growing in France. Its main mission is to question the banks instead of its customers for interesting interest rates based on their personal projects. In theory, the agent gets information from several institutions to find the best mortgage loan and in excellent conditions of possible […]