Beirut real estate revived by real estate loan

The real estate sector in Beirut is currently struggling to move forward, everything is slow. Whether supply or demand, both are subject to a certain alarming inertia. Buying a mortgage could be a financing solution that will revive real estate activities.


A home loan to buy a home

It is not the offer for sale or rental of housing that is missing in the Lebanese capital. Even on the real estate market , there is a case of overstocking offers of premises for sale or for rent. It is rather the purchasing power of households that have experienced a decline that proves to be problematic. To overcome a project to buy a home, there is always the possibility of subscribing a mortgage. An immo loan can be issued by a bank or a credit institution. It can be used to finance either the purchase of housing, the completion of renovations or the establishment of a construction project.

An immo credit for a home improvement project

To seduce potential customers and increase their chances of selling an apartment or a house for sale. A Lebanese owner can always consider renovations or plan to furnish his property for sale. A financing solution to achieve a rehabilitation project is none other than the use of home loan. Following a review of the credit application file, the bank will be cooperative if the profile of the loan applicant matches the requirements. In principle, the bank provides a loan to those who have a stable income with a reliable repayment capacity.

Different types of real estate loans

There are different types of home loan, the debtor will have no trouble finding the loan that suits him the most. According to its financial situation, the borrower can opt for a loan in fine that he can repay only at the end of credit and in a single payment. On the other hand, the depreciable loan allows a regular repayment by means of monthly payments. There is also a fixed rate loan, a variable rate loan, tiered loan and a flexible loan. The progressive and declining loan is characterized by variable maturities that can be revised upwards or downwards. As for the adjustable rate loan, the amount of interest relating to it may vary according to, in particular, a financial index.