Author: Sean Lindsey

The Bank of Switzerland helps Polish borrowers

The Bank of Switzerland at its September meeting did not decide to change the parameters of its monetary policy, which was in line with broad market expectations. Therefore, SNB will continue to strive for the 3-month Libor CHF rate to be close to zero. The bank also confirmed that it will act with the greatest Read More

Payday loans online bad credit -Get a bad credit payday loan online with us

Fam-Lyoan is a company specializing in family credit, offering payday loans for over ten years throughout the Italian territory up to 50000 euros. The flexibility of our loans provides an amortization plan of up to 120 months, so you can easily repay your monthly installments, without having too much commitment. To request now a consultation Read More

Nine ways to save now!

Saving requires discipline that probably requires you to give up something. Yes, maybe cutting out at restaurants or bars and limiting shopping will help you save money, but there are other ways to do it. In fact, you will sometimes find it easy to save, and you will develop habits that will help you save Read More

Payday loan without employer’s certificate

Why do you need your employer? Because the banks want to see their borrowed money back. If you can’t pay the installment because you have no regular income, the bank will only lose by giving you money. At the same time, there is a way to avoid having to present your employer’s certificate to your Read More

Paying interest on the card and overdraft is too expensive

Anyone who is accustomed to paying interest on credit card or overdraft needs to rethink their choices because it is paying dearly. It is that both the credit card and the special check have the highest interest in the market. Next, Credit Lender clarifies why credit cards and overdrafts are not the best alternatives, how Read More

Should you transfer the credit card balance?

Yes, benevolent Uncle Sam grants taxpayers’ money as pacifiers for children, but, I have news, the average Joe or Maria cannot qualify. It is true that the government gives away billions in concession money, but I have not yet heard of an average citizen Bailout Bad Credit Fund. You have? When you talk to your Read More

Borrowing money without BKR testing is possible

The BKR in Tiel checks whether candidates for a loan are creditworthy and whether or not they are on a blacklist of defaulters. This procedure was established on the one hand to protect the lenders, but on the other hand to protect those who take out a loan from borrowing amounts that cannot be repaid Read More

Loans online and without paperwork

Among the winter cows that you are paying for, the cards, the boys’ school, the services that are increasing more and more, you don’t know what to invent, you are in the oven and on top of that there are a few days left until you get your salary. Do not get more trouble, I’m Read More

Borrow money for a horse Everything about finance

Horse lovers have known for a long time, buying a horse is an expensive affair and there are a lot of extra costs involved. Then not only the purchase is expensive, but also maintenance and storage are going well. Therefore, if you want to borrow money for a horse, you must include all such fixed Read More

How to earn extra money?

For you who have a regular job, but still want to have some extra income from outside-the-work activities, what is the best solution for earning extra money? Complementing income may seem like a challenge, but there are very easy ways to have extra income every month. Whether it is to save, to buy something, to Read More

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