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Crossbow Competition

TNC members have the opportunity to compete at many local and regional tournaments, an Indoor and Outdoor National Championships, the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas, the NFAA Indoor National Championships, the WAF Archery Classic, and the International Bowhunting Organization 3D World Championships for sport crossbows.  
World Championships (WC) for target crossbow are held every 2 years and the USA has an excellent track record of accomplishments at these events.  Team Trials are generally held the year before a WC during the TNC Outdoor National Championships.  All TNC members are welcome to shoot in these events.

Field (Target) crossbow shooting has been practiced in England and the US since the second world war.  During the late 1970’s – early 1980’s the Swedes, Finns, Estonians, New Zealanders and Australians emerged as well.  The IAU first published rules in 1983.  The sport has its origins more related to target archery and is shot in an open field and hence the term “Field” crossbow.  Shooting is restricted to the standing position with bow draw weights up to 95 lbs. being allowed.  No mechanical assistance is allowed to span the bow.  Bolts are really just short arrows in the sense that they are very similar to regular archery equipment.  Field crossbow shooting may take place side-by-side with regular archery, and the two disciplines are essentially compatible.

Sport (Open) crossbow competition shooting has emerged under the IAU in the early 1990’s.  Sport crossbow shooting is competed over field / 3D type courses as well as at target style tournaments, target faces may be circular, animal or three-dimensional.  Sport crossbows are the mass produced hunting type crossbows with heavier draw weights, up to 200 lbs., mechanical cocking aids are allowed to span the bow.

Beginning in 2000, the (IBO) has included a crossbow class for their 3D competitions.  The WCSA also includes an Open crossbow class for their international competitions.

The National Crossbowmen of the USA, Inc. National Rankings for 2012

Rank             Ladies
1               Pat Copley 
2              Carol Pelosi
3              Connie Stevens
4              Eileen Pylypchuk
5              Michelle O'Donnell
6              Ashley Rampulla
7              Vickie Day

Rank             Men
1                Terry Butler
2                Bill Pimm
3                Mike Blessing
4                Odrun Stevens
5                Ted Lasko 
6                Stan Pennypacker
7                Jeff Copley
8                Jerry Pylypchuk
9                Tom Holland
10              Gary Gilmore
11              Joe Silvasi
12              Mike Gough
13              Johnson
14              Baldowski
15              Bill Arnett
16              Bob Elkovitch