Month: June 2019

Borrow money for a horse Everything about finance

Horse lovers have known for a long time, buying a horse is an expensive affair and there are a lot of extra costs involved. Then not only the purchase is expensive, but also maintenance and storage are going well. Therefore, if you want to borrow money for a horse, you must include all such fixed Read More

How to earn extra money?

For you who have a regular job, but still want to have some extra income from outside-the-work activities, what is the best solution for earning extra money? Complementing income may seem like a challenge, but there are very easy ways to have extra income every month. Whether it is to save, to buy something, to Read More

Borrow money with guarantee from parents

When you are young you are full of plans and dreams. In practice, however, it is not always easy to realize these plans and dreams. Often you simply do not have the financial resources for it. Borrowing money is then a possibility that you can consider, but here too you can sometimes come home from Read More

Bottlenecks: alternatives to high overdraft interest

With short-term liquidity bottlenecks, the credit line is the first choice for many consumers. However, high disbursement costs are incurred.  But he is straightforward and immediately available, if despite low tide in the account unavoidable expenses are pending. It is also cheaper. Different ways to avoid high interest rates The Dispo is without question practical. Read More